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Get A Free MBA At Lipscomb University!

It is not very often that you see an opportunity for a free MBA cross your doorstep. If you are fortunate, you hopefully work for an employer that may help to subsidize the expense associated with your graduate work. However, if you are not that lucky, I would suggest looking into the free MBA opportunity being provided by Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.

This year, Lipscomb will be fulfilling the financial dreams of one happy student by offering them a full scholarship to their Graduate School of Business. The scholarship (currently valued at $40,000) will cover all of the tuition expenses associated with the degree completion program of your choosing. All of these programs can be completed in as little as 12 months but the scholarship offer will remain in effect for 2 years – allowing you ample time to complete your degree.

As you can imagine, in order to be considered for this amazing opportunity, there are a few requirements:

  • You need to apply and be accepted to the graduate business program
  • You need to submit a video (no more than 2 minutes in length) that would reflect your personal story and answer the following questions:
    • How you are one degree away from making a difference in the world
    • How an MBA, PMBA, MAcc or MHR from Lipscomb University’s Graduate Studies in Business would your impact life and that of others
    • Why you should be the one to receive the One Degree Away From Making A Difference Scholarship from the Lipscomb University Graduate Studies in Business
  • Video needs to be submitted by June 15th

Need help in creating your video? Here are some resources to help you out:

Sample Video

Tips For Making A Good Video

“Now, more than ever, there is a need for people who want to impact their communities positively. Individuals with big dreams and leadership aspirations, who just need the knowledge and skills to get there, can change the world around them,” said Turney Stevens, dean of the Lipscomb University College of Business. “We also understand that many graduate program candidates are juggling a career and family and that the cost of pursuing an advanced degree can be overwhelming. So this competition will help one future leader pursue this path with a full-tuition scholarship for a graduate business program.”

At, we support students in finding ways to access education by the most affordable means possible. We are pleased to highlight this wonderful scholarship opportunity provided by Lipscomb University.

Please don’t hesitate to forward this information onto anyone that you think may be interested in achieving an MBA on full scholarship. In addition, if you have questions about this scholarship, Lipscomb has put together a great resource of Frequently Asked Questions.

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Online College – Gaining Popularity In A Down Economy

In recent years it has become more and more apparent that higher education is a must. Simply finding work which will pay the bills is not an option. Certifications, degrees and other forms of advanced training and education within all fields has created a need to achieve the attainment of an advanced degree to be employable.

With the need to gain an education come the needs to understand education options in a tight economy. Often the expenditure for a few hours’ worth of college credits may mean the difference between paying a month’s mortgage and purchasing fuel for travel. And when figuring the added financial strain a higher education may cost for incidentals such as travel, meals, child care, or even missed work, it can often become a difficult decision when deciding if an advanced degree is a possibility.

Work Around Existing Schedule

The first concern many people wanting to advance their education often consider is the need to work around their existing schedule. This schedule may consist of current employment needed to pay living expenses. This job may also be the means in which to pay for the furthering of education. In any case, losing work for education would not be beneficial.

With the option of online courses, the question of choosing between class and work can become moot. As classes can be taken and studied when the student’s schedule allows, study time can be in the middle of the day, or the middle of the night. Whenever the student has time to study, the course material will be available for use.

Avoid Relocation Fees

Often when deciding on a school or program of study, the question of relocation can come up. With the utilization of online course study a student can stay at their current address and simply complete the curriculum through online communication. Because of this, relocation fees which can include a heavy cost not only for a move, but to secure a new home, are completely avoided.

Travel Cost

When attending a class on campus, one fee is often overlooked until the cost begins to add up. Travel can be a huge expense in two ways. One which is of course, the cash needed to support the cost of fuel to get to campus each day. This fee can vary depending upon the distance each student lives from campus and can add up to the cost of an extra course worth of credits each semester.

Another high cost in travel may be time. Again this is dependent upon the distance a student must travel to and from campus each day for classes. Precious study or work and even family time can be lost due to hours of travel time. This cost too can be avoided when studying classes online.

Daily Cost

When studying online there are other incidental costs which can also be avoided. One prime example for adults continuing their education is the high cost of child care. This fee, although a good investment, can often add extra strain to an already tight budget. When studying courses online there is no need to schedule child care while in class. Instead, class can be scheduled around the children’s own schooling, naps, bedtime or other planned activities.

How Online Courses Make Schooling Possible

Because studying coursework online can potentially cut the cost of obtaining a degree into a fraction of the original, online schooling has been gaining in popularity. With all of the perks that come with choosing an online education, it is fairly easy to see why more people every day is looking into furthering their education, when it used to seem to be an impossible goal.

Today’s guest article is provided by Charles Latch who is currently earning his online executive MBA from Washington State University.

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Getting a Graduate Degree on a Budget

When preparing to enroll in a graduate program, it is important to budget carefully in order to avoid accumulating debt. There are many ways that students can keep costs low while studying to come out with a degree for the least possible cost.

Keep Working

Rather than putting off your job to further your education, keep working while you study to maintain your income. You won’t have to borrow as much, or if you earn enough, at all. If possible, work close to home to keep your travel costs down. Buy inexpensive work clothes that you can wash at home to save on dry cleaning costs. And of course, take a lunch to work with you instead of eating out every day.

Study Online

Balancing a job and classes can be tricky, but it is much easier if you complete your studies online. You can listen to lectures at your leisure rather than having to be on campus at specific times for classes. You also save money that would otherwise be spent commuting to campus several times each week. Additionally, tuition for online master’s degree classes is frequently less expensive than for the same class taught on campus.

Save on School Supplies

Textbooks are especially expensive, but there are many ways to save on them. If you have an e-reader, find out whether your textbooks are offered in e-book format, which is a less expensive option than paper books. You can also look into renting textbooks, which is significantly less than buying books. If you do have to buy a book, get it used if possible and resell it at the end of the class to get some of your money back. In order to further lower school-related expenditures, buy school supplies such as pencils, paper, ink cartridges, etc., in bulk whenever possible.

Budget at Home

By learning to live frugally, you can save untold amounts of money. Forgo cable, which is expensive and distracts you from focusing on your studies. You can also save money on your utility bills by using your heat and air conditioning sparingly and using space heaters or window air conditioners in areas where you spend most of your time. Use coupons and other money-saving methods when grocery shopping.

Track Your Money

Before enrolling in your program, make a plan for how you will pay for it. Create a budget for the years in which you will be in school; calculate how much money you expect to bring in each year through income, financial aid, and student loans. Subtract the tuition for the year, and then divide the remaining amount by 12 to determine how much money you will have leftover each month. Plan how you will allocate this between housing, food, transportation, insurance, and spending money.

Many worry that an advanced degree is out of reach due to limited finances, but anyone can learn how to budget to make dreams of a graduate degree within reach. With a little planning and foresight, you will soon find yourself applying to graduate school, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have what it takes to succeed in your venture. Best of luck!

Today’s guest article was provided by Joseph Baker.

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Median Salary For MBA Is $97,714 (infographic)

Going to graduate school is always something that students with Bachelor’s degrees are always considering. Some factors that play into the decision could be… How much time will it take?, How much will it cost?, Will it help me in my career?, Will I make more money?  The answer to these questions probably vary for each individual and really depend upon the type of graduate program and career field being sought.

In an effort to provide some great information about the history of MBA programs for those that are seeking, Jenn Pedde and her crew recently put together the following infographic. Enjoy!

Evolution of the MBA via MBA@UNC

Via MBA@UNC Online MBA Program

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Tweeting Your Way To A Full Ride MBA Tuition Scholarship

Social media has been growing by leaps and bounds the past few years. I remember at one time thinking that Twitter was certainly going to be a fad and quickly disappear from the radar of college students nationwide as something “better” came along (Google+ maybe?). Fortunately for my online world, Twitter is alive and well in the social media-sphere.

Twitter is indeed thriving but did you ever imagine that your tweeting could land you a full tuition scholarship to a great college? I never did but apparently the University of Iowa’s MBA program is providing the opportunity for one lucky twitterer to get free tuition. All you have to do is submit your answer to “What makes you an exceptional Tippie Full-time MBA candidate and future MBA hire?” in proper tweet form (140 characters or less) to the University of Iowa’s MBA recruiting/admission office via email at You also need to include a resume…

As always, there are some rules and details that apply:

  • Submit application before July 28, 2011 to be considered.
  • Applicants will not be admitted to the program based solely on their Application Tweet. Applicants need to meet typical admissions criteria.
  • Because of time constraints involved with obtaining a student visa for the fall semester,this is open only to U.S. residents or U.S. permanent residents.
  • All applicants who submit a response will have their application fee waived.
  • The candidate with the most inventive and creative submission will be awarded a full-tuition award package for Fall 2011. Tippie’s full-tuition award packages are valued at $37,240.
  • The winner will be announced on August 4, 2011 on Tippie’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. The chosen candidate will be notified by phone before the formal announcement is made.
  • Also, in good twitter fashion, don’t forget that you can use URL shortening services (like to link to other social media outlets (YouTube/Blogs/Etc…) to help make your application standout.

So, if you have been thinking about getting your MBA and cost has been a limiting factor, you may want to put your tweeting skills to the test and give the University of Iowa’s scholarship contest a whirl.

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