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CollegePulseI don’t know about you but I really enjoy keeping up with the latest and greatest news from the higher education community. I especially like any information that I can find related to the financial aspect of the college experience. In an effort to reduce the amount of time I utilize canvassing various sites for this information, I am invoking the wonders of technology and putting all of my favorite resources in one place – The College Pulse!

Feel free to bookmark this page and visit it frequently (maybe even daily?!) to “keep your finger on the pulse” of what is taking place in the financial world of colleges and universities!


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Learning a second language is probably a goal that every college student should embrace regardless of whether it is a required aspect of their curriculum. Mastering multiple languages exposes students to new and exciting cultures and, in some cases, knowing a second language could be the deciding factor that helps them land an amazing job after graduation. recognizes this importance and has recently rolled out a Spanish Channel on their website. The new Spanish channel offers access to the world’s largest free online selection of definitions, synonyms, examples and variations by region as well as subject, in both English and Spanish. It also provides unique content from’s editorial staff of Spanish experts and teachers designed to enhance understanding of grammar, including the “Travel Narrative,” which chronicles the language-learning experience of a North American student in Barcelona.

Here are some of the more popular features found on the Spanish Channel :

  • 750K Spanish-English entries, including: audio pronunciation; differences in word meaning by geography; and contextual differences in word meaning by category (such as industry, subject or slang)
  • Synonyms (both Spanish and English), related words, example sentences, and nearby entries
  • Full text translation
  • Spelling suggestion
  • Word of the Day, Phrase of the Day, and Grammar Tip of the Day
  • Weekly vocabulary study list
  • Travel Narrative series of an American student in Spain
  • Coming soon: Spanish flashcards; Spanish mobile dictionary app

I had the opportunity to interview Shravan Goli, president of, and gain some insight to how the new Spanish Channel anticipates being utilized in the education sector. Below are a few of the questions and answers from that session.

Question 1: What impact do you think your new Spanish channel at will have on college campuses across the nation?

Answer 1: Spanish reinforces the important foreign language curriculum being taught in high school and college by helping students intensify their grasp of the Spanish language and completing a total immersion experience wherever and whenever. Also, the upcoming Spanish app and the Spanish flashcards app will aide students tremendously in their studies, helping them gain academic edge.

Question 2: The Rosetta Stone series has become quite popular among people looking to learn a second language. Do you think the features provided by’s Spanish Channel could serve as an alternate (free) resource to accomplishing these goals?

Answer 2: We don’t view Spanish as a competitor to language learning software or other programs, but rather as a compliment and supplement to any system for learning Spanish. If you’re learning Spanish, formally or informally, Spanish will help you stay ahead of the curve by expanding your vocabulary, command of grammar, and understanding of culture. It is designed to help people from all facets of life – students, professionals and casual language enthusiasts.

Question 3: Lastly, do you anticipate taking this same initiative with other languages?

Answer 3: Yes, we do plan on branching out into other languages in the future to continue to be the online destination for learning and word discovery, regardless of language.

It is great to see branching out and expanding their services. I believe that it represents their commitment to being a global resource for students, educators, tutors, and self-learners of all ages. And… since all of their tools and information are free for the using, you can’t beat the price! Sal ahí fuera y aprender un segundo idioma hoy!

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